My Investment Strategy

My overall strategy focuses on two factors: the quality of the business, and the price. High profitability historically and in the future Reasonable balance sheet Fair price Quality Here are some examples of what I consider when trying to determine the quality of a company. Profitability Are the margins good? (EBITDA, EBIT, and OPCF) IsContinue reading “My Investment Strategy”

Are Preferred Shares Useless?

Preferred shares are a relatively popular asset class, especially for Swedish, so called, dividend investors. This is due to the fact that most preferred shares pay a quarterly dividend unlike common stock, which usually pay an annual dividend. But how good are preferred shares as an asset class? What are preferred shares? First of all,Continue reading “Are Preferred Shares Useless?”

Förbättra din analysmodell med VOS Indicator

Venture Capital-firmor är väldigt rutinerade investerare, som dagligen blir uppsökta av entreprenörer på jakt efter kapital. För att klara av det trycket, har de utvecklat sofistikerade modeller för att snabbt kunna sålla agnarna från vetet. Ett sådant verktyg kallas Venture Capital Four Factors, eller Venture Oportunity Screening Indicator (VOS indicator).