Industrivärden, Lundbergs, och ICA Gruppen

Ni som följer mig på twitter såg säkert att jag funderade på att byta ut mitt innehav i ICA Gruppen mot Industrivärden,  och denna affär verkställde jag nu på morgonen. I detta inlägg tänkte jag förklara mina tankegångar bakom detta, och hur jag tänkte utveckla mina innehav i dessa aktier framöver.

Investor + Patricia Industries = falskt?

Hallå i stugan! Här kommer en liten observation jag gjorde när jag var inne på Investors hemsida och klickade omkring. Det gäller dotterbolaget Patricia Industries, som äger Investors onoterade innehav.

Jag tror att vi inom en överskådlig framtid kan komma att se en notering av Patricia Industries, motiveringen kommer här.

Quick update – Life and Portfolio

Long time no see! I have been having my hands full this spring and summer. That’s why I haven’t had the time to post at all lately.

Here’s a quick update for you out there, I have spent all summer working, and this semester (Autumn 2016) will be spent abroad! I’m currently attending an exchange semester in Oslo, at the bachelor level. I have been here almost two months and so far it has been so much fun! Both to meet a lot of new and exiting people from all over the world, and I have made so many new friends. As well as attending a higher quality university than the one in my home town!

Samuraimannens Börselva

Det är tydligen den tiden på året igen, Avanza frågar hur din #Börselva ser ut. Jag är inte fotbollsintresserad, men jag är en aktienörd så det bara smäller om det! Därför har jag satt ihop Samuraimannens börselva!

My BEST savings tip

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you have had a pleasant Easter, and I want to share my BEST tip for saving your hard earned cash! The best, top shelf, number one tip I have is so simple, you can save so much money by using it. You ready?

The advice I want to share is this: If you feel a need or a want for something, write it down, along with one reason to why you want and/or need it, then put away the notebook or piece of paper, and wait two weeks. Then go back and take a look at what you wrote down, see if you still feel that want or need. Most of the time, you won’t. Also note that you managed two weeks without that thing, can you manage two more?

Soccer Starting Lineup

What if my portfolio was a soccer team? What 11 players would there be on the field? I don’t know much about soccer, but this was really fun! If my portfolio was a soccer team, this is what it would look like!

Elon Musk, One of My Role Models

Talk about making a difference! First he revolutionizes the way people could make payments over the internet via PayPal. He continues to pave the future of electric cars and solar power, at the same time as he is making the future of private space exploration! 

Elon Musk makes me think: wow, if I could amount to a fraction of what he has, I would be so proud! He really shows that it is possible to make the world a better place for everybody, it just takes some really hard work!

My Money / Cash Flow System

Now this whole scheme works like this, money comes in and I spend some. after the month, I transfer money so that buffer 1 is 10.000 SEK, all excess of that goes into buffer 2, until it is 50.000 SEK. All excess of that, goes into my investments!

Three Pillars of Life, managing risk in life

The Three Pillars is kind of a system to help with managing risk in life, the pillars are: Financial, Career and Family.

The idea is that if you have security on two pillars, you can have a higher lever of risk in one pillar.
For example: If you have strong finance and a supportive partner, You have security in the financial and family pillars. This allow you to take risk in your career, for example starting your own company or changing job.

Summer 2015: Two months work in Oslo

Me and my girlfriend decided to go on a small adventure this summer. So we thought going to Norway and work for the summer would be a nice change of environment. So we began by booking the flight, then found an apartment to  rent. 2 days before takeoff my girlfriend gets booked for an interview. It was the same day we landed, and she got the job straight away. The first thing that happens for me when we land, is that my cell happens to get some wi-fi and I get booked for an interview for the same workplace!